Palace of Ice, Hyrule

If you go through the rift, to the palace of ice—might it be nice, is it—paradise?

I recently stumbled upon the greatest thing since 1998: a true expansion of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Back in the late 90s, Shigeru Miyamoto announced that Nintendo was developing extra content for Ocarina of Time titled “Ura Zelda”. It would have been playable on the Nintendo 64DD, but that bombed. Ura Zelda went on to become what we now know as Ocarina of Time Master Quest, which is rather lackluster when “extra content” comes to mind. Rearranged dungeons are great, but we anticipated new regions, temples, items, characters, and perhaps even an expanded story. While Nintendo seems set on Master Quest, some fans have taken up the task of expanding Ocarina of Time. The project is titled “Ocarina of Time Ura” and can be located here:

They have a video demonstrating a silver rupee challenge in a totally new area called the Palace of Ice. I was in awe. Back when I was 9 years old, I wanted an expanded ice region in Ocarina of Time. This delivers. It delivers so well, I decided to make this piece of fan art for the efforts of the project. I am delighted to see this happening, so what better way to express my enthusiasm than to draw!


7 thoughts on “Palace of Ice, Hyrule

  1. Hey Spire,

    This image is breathtaking and beautiful, and I’m completely in love with it. It sets off this emotion of wonder and adventure that’s both inspiring and nostalgic.

    Would you mind letting me use it as the header in my blog?

    Thank you either way,

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