The Oeuvre of Zelda

Back around November, I embarked on an obsessive quest to design an entire Zelda game  without making the game itself. This ultimately proved to be a cocoon phase where I honed my character and world design skills as I did not finish the project. As I’ve grown apart from the project, it is time to finally show the work.







Yabun. All that design “programming”, man. I spent a long time working on this project and aside from learning a lot about aesthetic design, I learned that I need others to work with. It was a lot of fun though; I recall the days of endless thinking, while I drove, while I worked, everywhere I went, I could not shake the font of inspiration that was The Oeuvre of Zelda. Hope you folks enjoy!


9 thoughts on “The Oeuvre of Zelda

  1. This is truly amazing work, and it sucks that I did not see it until a year after you posted it! I think this would make for an amazing game if anyone ever took it. Did you ever post anything about the story concepts?

    1. I had an idea where Ganondorf had murdered and replaced the King of Hyrule, but with the King’s dying breath, befell a petrification curse that would, after so many days, turn him to stone. Immediately his skin and hair faded to gray and his features, withdrawing, cracking. For Ganon resembled the King to boot and no one witnessed the assassination, he slipped into the role unquestioned. He has tasked Link with seeking the Souls of the Temples of the world to open passage to the floating Temple of Time through the Pyramid of the Sun. He suggests that a curse has befallen him and with his death will come hordes of monsters that will destroy all the good left in the world. This ruse is motivation to open the sealed Temple of Time.

      Zelda is suspicious, but recognizing the threat at hand, she flees from Hyrule Palace and is later encountered deep in the Sheikah Shrine, where she has taken refuge with a safer people. There, she reveals her worries beyond the King’s death but cannot surmise evidence not to continue the pursuit of the souls. Despite the King’s possible shadow, his warning for the impending plight rings true, so retrieving the Temple Souls, unlocking the Temple of Time, and obtaining the Triforce is essential. Impa disapproves, and is aptly sickened with Link’s blind quest. She warns the boy that he will always be watched. Whenever he sees “the eye”, he must assume full attention to his surroundings. He will at times encounter Sheikah warriors who seek to stop him—while not malicious, they will deal damage without felling him, and like Wallmasters, will seize and return him to the beginning of dungeons to hinder his progress.

      Once Link has conquered all the temples and collected their Souls, he ascends the Pyramid and at its peak, warps to the golden Temple of Time in the sky. He journeys through its labyrinths before reaching the apex, the shrine of the Triforce. There, he confronts Ganondorf, King of Hyrule. It would be presented in such a fashion that his reveal at the end would be simultaneously surprising and confirming. The player would start to notice oddities as they face Hylian Knights throughout the Temple of Time, which are essentially Darknuts. Defeating Ganondorf means killing the King of Hyrule.

      Impa is fought as a boss twice in the game, trying to stop Link from opening the Temple of Time. As such, she and the Sheikah are considered untrustworthy, when they are really trying to prevent the Triforce from being seized by any one person. She shows up in the aftermath to stop Link from reaching the Triforce, allowing Zelda to touch and wish upon it the sanctity of the world. Link is thanked with sincerity and blessed by Zelda, but is asked to leave the world for his work is done, but will forever be an enemy of the people. Impa tells him that there is much work to be had by the land’s new Queen, and in an incidental ceremony, Zelda is crowned. Link forfeits the Master Sword to her, laying it across her palms, before turning and walking out the doors, never to be seen again.

      1. I would love this being a game. Love the art and everything. I have 2 questions:
        1. Will you or do you think this will become a game? If yes, do you think this will be a hack or a full game?
        2. Is OoT URA a concept art to this? Because you show the original shields and other concept that was from OoT URA.

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