Zelda — URA Project Concept Art

Here is an archive of all my 2013 Ura artwork. The project is now canceled so maybe this work will help you imagine what it could have been. Hope you enjoy!












deepwoodshrine_wip ura_turtlerockpalaceofsouls turtlerockcavernura_landoctorok dragonbootsDark World Landscape WIP pyramid_of_power_death_mountain

Hero of Light and Lord of Darkness shields

Hero Outfits2 stateshifter

dwloftwing wizzrobe wizzrobe2


32 thoughts on “Zelda — URA Project Concept Art

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that despite the fact that the project has just evaporated, I appreciate you being so upfront and honest about the situation. That, and your art is incredible. I hope your skills are put to genuinely good use in Project Antiqua! Good luck man.

  2. Very sudden what happened with the URA project… im still not sure what to make of it. Having been following the project right since it was first announced, the last few months had me a bit suspicious that things werent running as smoothly behind the scenes as everyone was letting on. Still I must say, your artwork is FANTASTIC. There are some truly great and interesting ideas here, which just makes me sadder that they will most likely never be completed and released.

    1. I believe some really good things will arise in Ura’s wake. I would also love to see Zeth turn this all around and make Ura a reality like it once was. I am happy that I got to be part of it. Thank you for the compliment. What do you enjoy best, either visually or conceptually? What would you like to see in Ura or a Zelda mod of your ideal?

  3. I find it interesting that Hyrule Castle retains the general layout of Ganon’s Tower. It really shows that the Hyruleans were unable to reform the land after Ganondorf’s raid of the land in OoT, since this version of URA takes place two years after.

  4. Excellent work, Benjamin! I’ve been following the URA Project for quite a few months before it was cancelled. It had so much potential and I could have seen it become reality if it didn’t have the issues that were shown after it had been cancelled. But now the art and music are the only keys for us to see into the project itself, including screenshots and details that were leaked. The art is fantastic and it gave the now-dead URA Project a powerful feel. Mille grazie for the work, Spire!
    And I wanted to ask something for my novel that will be online on the site called Booksie – mainly the first chapter. I kind of had the idea for my main character’s looks. I’m still developing the look, but I was inspired by the winged crown as one of the main features for him. I was wondering if I could use part of the black and white poster that holds the Hero of Light to use as a picture for the main character or to use as an example for it. May I use it as part of it, Benjamin? It would really help give the idea of the main protagonist’s look, and It would be a great honor. :D

      1. Oh! It would greatly be an honor, Spire!

        I’m still working on the main idea of it, but I know some of the main essentials to it such as the majority of the head. But the rest is still in debate. I could use help with it. Thank you so much! :D

        By-the-way, I apologize for replying late. Charter can be an issue when it wants to. :(

      2. I apologize if I misunderstand, Benjamin, but I have a question to ask…

        For a few days now, I was trying to think of the design to my character. When I reread this, I had a little confusion on something.

        When you meant that if you could work with me to design the character, Spire, did you mean helping with the design like hints and ideas as I originally thought or did you mean something else… as in actually drawing and creating the character into a picture? I’m particularly curious of what you meant, for I’m not sure which one it is. It is sort of putting me in a knot of wonder at the moment.

        Grazie, Spire!

      3. Instead of using existing art, I would like to design your character from scratch. Write a synopsis however you may detailing everything you’d like to see in your character and I will begin the interpretation!

  5. My goodness… This would be incredible! I did not want to ask it because I felt inferior, but this would be an honor! Thank you, Spire!

    I’ll try to get the synopsis ready when I can. I do not think it would take long. But I made a picture of a symbol that I use to incorporate with the character. It will be on Booksie soon, so It would be available for you to use when I complete the synopsis.

    I thank you very much for the chance! Mille grazie, Benjamin!

  6. Alright. I have it ready! I just hope it isn’t too much of a hassle for you because it is quite some information. If I need to, I could shorten it if you want.

    Rorek Thel Saurya, or Rorek of the House of Saurya, is one of the Knights of the Light/Knights of the Circle/Shepherds of the Great Kingdom. He incorporates the meaning of Science Fantasy: the past, the present, and the future.

    Rorek’s head has a few similarities to the adult Hero of Light, namely the winged crown, and there are many similarities to JR Killigrew when he played as Link in the IGN Trailer and its making of the Legend of Zelda April Fools prank. There are some differences, also. The beginning roots at the top of his head are black, but immediately tones to brown an inch afterwards. The style of the hair is exactly like JR Killigrew’s/Link’s hair in the trailer. The face and bone structure are very similar to JR Killigrew, but only at certain angles that make him seem young and strong and having the presence of a leader. His eyes’ iris is a deep, partially bright, alienish green, mainly from his Trial of the Awakening. He bears a winged crown similar to the Hero of Light’s crown that is compared to Dark Link with the only exception that it’s red to represent the Avangel, a legend in my novel that tells of a soul of a star that heard the cry of a world in the Old Ages and wiped out that world’s enemy by taking the shape of a phoenix and burning the invaders to death. (See the bottom to find out how to find the trailer and its making)

    He is normally strong built; not too bulky, but not skinny, like an average gymnast or martial arts fighter, six feet in height, and is 23 years old.

    His clothing and armor are not representing fantasy nor science fiction, but of science fantasy. It consists of 30% armor plates, 10% skin-tight nano-suit that represents chain mail, and 60%cloth/leather/fabric materials. He wears a full nano-suit (not including the arms) that is almost entirely covered by the leather/fabric and armor. He wears a wrapping tunic or t-shirt that is covered by a thin, short-sleeved vest with patterns and marks, showing a small part of the nano-suit. His left shoulder has three or four overlapping shoulder pieces with intricate markings. They are designed in a futuristic texture with medieval, feudal Japan, or bronze age style. When in combat, the shoulder pieces have small, metallic wings popping out of the side, making them point to his back. His right shoulder holds a small spaulder. Since he has short sleeves, it shows his arms from almost the shoulder to near the elbow, showing faint, intricate lines of tattoos that where his scars from his Trial of the Awakening, which are marked on most of his body except the head. But his left arm is more covered thanks to the shoulder piece. From his elbow to his hand, you can choose from gloves to gauntlets to vambraces to anything you wish in create to design in from your style to any. All that is needed is for it to be fingerless. He wears either a red military sash on his waist or half of a waist cape only covering the back of his right leg. He is equipped on his waist with four military pouches. He wears either breeches or trousers that have somewhat small, overlapping plates on the sides, which also are supporting greaves or metallic boots.

    For the armor, clothing, and nano-suit, he colors consist of patterns mainly of black and deep blue along with smaller patterns of white or silver. Gold outlines flow with it, and there are a few red symbols exactly or somewhat like my symbol on booksie that are on the sides, some parts of the armor, and other certain areas. (See the bottom to find it on Booksie)

    His main weapon is a stylized longsword that is a single solid color: light blue, from the hilt to the tip of the blade, shining with a holy radience. It has a slight tinge of crystallization.

    There are parts with “or,” “/,” and “either” that you may choose between to help with the design in what you might think looks best, but other then that, I kind of like it if you put your own spin on it (the head is alright, though). For the types of patterns, the style of the plates, certain details, and even adding additional equipment like straps, you can feel free to make in your way as long as it consists with what I have written. But remember to make it have a feel like “science fantasy.” That is an important factor with this.

    To find the trailer and the making of it, it is on Youtube. Type in “IGN The Legend of Zelda Trailer” and one of them should say that with an “April Fools Prank” (since it was originally a prank to the Zelda fans). For the making of it, type in “The Making of the Legend of Zelda Trailer.” Both will be made by IGN. There are also pictures as well.

    For my symbol, go to “Booksie.com” and click “writers” on the blue bar once you get on it. Then type in “Bellator” into the search bar. There will be books like “Castan,” and you will see a name under them saying “Bellator.” Click the name and my picture will be there.

    Shew! I dearly apologize if this is a lot of texts. I just mainly had a lot of information for it. Please forgive me if it’s too much info.

    I hope this helps!

  7. By-the-way, I have a few more things to say (I apologize for late timing): The sword could be hard or solid light. The pouches are on the four corners of his waist and not grouped together. The vest could have parts of plates on the back and/or sides if you wish.

    Please forgive me for a late intervention. I lost my internet at the time. My dearest apologize on that. :(

  8. There are two last things that I want to add. The vest is open and, if you would, try to combine JR Killigrew’s/Link’s hair with the Adult Hero of Light’s hair, such as how the hair flips out.

    How does the synopsis of Rorek sound right now, Spire? I just wonder how you think of it in your opinion.

    Thank you!

    1. Word man. I’ll give it a shot when I find the time. Thanks for being thorough in your description. I will stay true in most respects, but there’s a good chance I’ll stray where I find suitable. Look forward to a design some time in the future!

      1. No problem. :)

        Ah, don’t worry if you stray a little. I have faith in you that it will be a great piece of art nevertheless! And I’m pretty sure it will be interesting for a “Science Fantasy” genre for a design to see in your imagination, so I am pretty curious of how it will turn out,

        And take as much time as you like on it. I’m in no hurry for any designs and artwork for my novel. Besides, I’m still working on putting the first chapter on Booksie. For artwork, I believe the best works of anything have not been rushed. :D

        But thank you so much for this! I am very grateful for a chance for my writing to be visually shown! Thank you!

  9. Hey, Benjamin? I know you are busy sometimes with artwork and your personal life and I hope I don’t interrupt anything, but I’m kind of wondering about the character for my novel and something else…

    What do you think of the idea of Science Fantasy and how it contributes to artwork? For my novel, I chose Science Fantasy because it’s a unique genre and so I have so many ideas for it. But those are for novels. I’m not an expert on painting and drawing, but what is your opinion on it? Just wondering.

    Thank you very much for making all this artwork, Spire! You are a truly a fine artist. :D

    1. Heya, I’ve been very busy, though I haven’t forgotten about your character. You have permission to keep bugging me about it ’til I draw it. I promised and I will deliver, so I won’t be bothered. I have been very busy since we discussed it last, so that accounts for it not being done.

      1. Ah. Alright. It’s okay to be busy sometimes. I can be busy myself, to. Just take your time working on it. :)
        I do have a question, though, that you can answer anytime you want… I was just kind of curious what you think about making a piece of artwork in the style of “Science Fantasy.” My novel is mainly based on that genre and it is my most interesting idea yet, so I was wondering what you think of that genre in your work.
        And just remember to take your time on your work. Anything is best made if it has time, so don’t worry about me getting impatient; I won’t. :D

  10. I just noticed that the colors look quite similar to Sora’s “Kingdom Hearts II” outfit. I’m not sure how that happened. It could be just what I focused at the time, but I’m not so certain, yet. But you could switch one of the primary color patterns of black to silver and the smaller, secondary patterns to be from silver to black while keeping the blue, gold, and red patterns/outlines/symbols the same. That might fix the problem with it.

    And this is kind of like what you think might fit best…
    If you can’t seem to get a good feel or style from JR Killigrew’s face, you could replace it with a style similar to Brandon Lee, son of the legendary martial-artist actor Bruce Lee, just with keeping the JR Killigrew/Link – Adult Hero of Light hair mix. That’s if you want to change it if you can’t find a good way to recreate/create his face or if you can’t seem to like it. It’s your choice on this one. Which one best suits you, you could go for it. :)

  11. I have nothing much to say except that I reverted the name back to “Saurya,” so I’m just wondering how are you doing – Not mainly the artwork but just in general? Anything interesting or relative going on?

  12. I do see that there is a large quantity of comments that I have made. I know that you are not bothered until the artwork is finished, but I just hope that there is an easier way to update my comments or some way that is better instead of spamming these posts all the time. But I believe I just have one more update and then I’m pretty much done (Hopefully, this will be THE last one)..

    I came up with an idea to better connect Rorek with the Avangel: I thought of adding crimson feathers made out of light and/or energy falling around him. It would be interesting to see add ons to it in any way you can imagine like embers following the feathers as they fall or mists catching up to them or… Well, I think you understand. If there is a way for you to integrate that in anything you want, it would be an interesting picture.

    1. On an extra note, if you want, maybe Rorek could have ivory, silver-blonde hair if you wish. Just a thought…

      But how are you doing, Benjamin? Is there anything interesting going on like projects or events going on in your time? I’m just wondering because I don’t want to feel like a mole just only looking forward to what it wants. I kind of want to be more connective to who I talk to because of that.

  13. Just to keep in mind, the the ivory, silver-blonde hair is actually platinum in case you needed to know how Rorek’s hair color works. I hope it didn’t change much for you because they are both the same color.

      1. For the sash around Rorek’s waist, if you think that red is not the best color, you could always change it to deep silver with blue or gold outlines with red symbols (That last part was an idea). That is only if you want another color for the sash in case you’re not satisfied with it. Other then that, I have nothing else to give at the moment. The rest is up to you. :D

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