Dusk Walker

If (when) I make a video game, this is going to be the protagonist.  Been drawing this guy over the course of 2013.  He’s an adaptation of my purple-clad Dark Link that I’ve been drawing since summer of 2012.  As such, he is in many ways an homage to Link, while possessing subconscious (and consciously) derived characteristics from Majin Buu, Raziel, Mewtwo, and Spiderman.  As a counterpart to Orval Krumm, he embodies a handful of inspirational characters that Krumm does not.  As a duo, they reflect a pantheon of heroes (and villains) I grew up with.  To note: I don’t care about Majin Buu, but his resemblance cannot be ignored!

Dusk Walker is a placeholder name. I still haven’t figured out what he’s called.



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