Dusk World

In changing my daily clothing to a garbed appearance, I decided to draw a character based directly on myself to compliment my Dusk people. One sketch led to another which developed into this:


Dusk World is my body of work that I’ve largely kept a secret. This marks my first post of 2014 and as such, I feel it’s time to begin making Dusk World publicly known. It is an amorphous idea that changes into whatever I need it to be; it takes on both playful and serious styles, often times weaving together elements from both. Sometimes it is seen in color, other times in Black and White. Sometimes it’s strictly about Orval Krumm, other times not so much.

Before falling asleep last night, I realized that this piece unintentionally channeled a dream I had over 4 years ago. In the dream, I was a form of consciousness without body and without an awareness of the physical realm. I possessed no knowledge of Earth, the humans on it, or anything within my humanistic understanding of the physical universe. Instead, I, through a series of questions, summoned the nature of the universe, infinitely expanding upon potential from nothing to everything. When I questioned why I was alone, I was no longer alone. There were others like me, without form, but infinite in their scope of creativity; we possessed a connectivity unlike anything I, in my human form, had ever known. Discussing through cosmic vibrato a language unspoken, we pulled from the throes of the Universe orbs of light. Swirling fractal clouds would unwind into tunnels through which these lights, either orange or cyan in color, would near us—but before reaching our threshold, we had judged and discerned a new purpose for them. They would then fall back and become swallowed by the Universe. In reflecting on this drawing of Dusk World before sleeping, I realized the divinity—a subconscious effort to recollect this dream from years ago—of my creation: Orval Krumm is holding in balance the orange and cyan souls. He is me. And yet, the two youthful characters, presumably Human and Djinn, are me as well. The orange soul is that of Human-kind and the cyan soul is that of Djinn-kind. Some believers in Djinn believe that whenever a human is born, an equal and opposite Djinn is born and the two, through life, are inextricably linked. Maybe this is what I am working through; whether or not this is true is beyond me, but the idea is interesting enough to explore in my artwork.

I dreamt that I became Orval Krumm, or rather, that I donned his garbs and assumed the appearance, though retained my identity as Benjamin Walton. In doing so, I gained the ability to levitate—something I uncommonly experience in dreams, usually in pursuing the dream life of a sage. I flew above buildings, staying tethered to grounded locations with a spirit cord that I could latch onto any surface or person. I soon after entered a state of lucidity, recognizing that I was dreaming, but without control of the dream. I recall this moment—I was speaking to a woman’s face protruding from wooden floorboards and said, “fear not, I am dreaming and you are but part of my mind. Maybe you are here now, but know that you will dream another night and the likes of myself will be subject to your mind’s creation. You cannot be harmed here.” In recognizing that I was dreaming, I had the inner option of taking control of the dream, but I knew had I, that I would awake, so, I chose not to control the dream, possessing instead the continued knowledge of dreaming. Imagine that within this waking life, you recognize that you truly are dreaming, that there is another state from which you have descended into sleep and you are offered two options: 1.) Take complete control of the dream, but know that it will immediately end, or 2.) Recognize that you are dreaming and remain so until the dream has concluded. I chose the second option, knowing there was more to this narrative that I needed to experience and that in several hours I would properly wake to the sun’s light. Had I ejected then, I might not have remembered the dream. Either option you choose, you know the dream will eventually end. I chose to ride it out instead of experiencing a moment of supreme control that would overwhelm and eject me from the story.

Now awake, I reflect on this artwork as an observer. Considering my influences, I recognize that the orange/purple/cyan trio resembles, if only slightly, the cover art to Ween’s debut album GodWeenSatan: The OnenessWhile difficult to tell, the color within the cyan outlines of The Boognish is orange, contrasting with the outlying magenta to create a bizarre visual effect. I love it!

Welcome to Dusk World!

April 4th Edit: I just realized that I drew this the day after I basically said goodbye to someone dear to me. Such a dream was induced by this parting, and the trapped woman makes more sense now than ever…


7 thoughts on “Dusk World

    1. A number of people see Raziel in these characters. I approve! He served as a subconscious influence until a year ago when I, too, recognized the resemblance. I only played the beginning of Soul Reaver in my youth, but the character’s design—seen mainly in magazines from the late 90s—left an imprint. I am very fond of Raziel and the whole living/death realms dynamic in the game(s). You may also see elements of Batman, Dracula, The Shadow, The Mummy, Mewtwo, Link, and various other characters in this and future works surrounding Dusk World.

      How did you know I like Twin Peaks? My DeviantArt page? If not, and you somehow deduced it from my artwork that is amazing.

      1. Haha yeah I think I was a bit to young to finish it. I bet there is an emulator some where for it. Can’t wait to see the rest, any particular medium you plan on fleshing this idea of yours out in?

        We met in Boomtown some time ago, and you recommended I check Twin Peaks out. The contrast between the simple folks of Twin Peaks and Agent Cooper’s split between professional FBI and mysticism is always fascinating. Almost done with the second season. It’s lasting longer than I expected.

      2. Ahh yes! Well, it is apparent now that I forgot to email you like I intended. I have a copy of Soul Reaver, but for whatever reason—and the disc is in decent condition—I cannot progress past a certain part. It freezes every time. Unfortunate because I really enjoy the game. I’ll have to purchase another copy sometime if I am to enjoy the game to its fullest… I prefer to play on the Playstation itself.

        As for Dusk World, I am interested in exploring it in so many mediums that I can’t promise anything. Graphic novel/comic is maybe the most obvious, and perhaps the most accessible and logical for the time, but making a game down the road would be golden. I possess zero knowledge of programming, but considering I love drawing in both 2D and 3D (I use Photoshop and SketchUp), I may simultaneously flesh out the world in both. Dusk World is Dusk World. It will become whatever it needs to be.

        I could honestly see myself creating a series of paintings about it as well.

      3. Graphic novel/comic would really help you develop the background story and character development.

        I’m familar with both programs (sketchup is great for bring idea’s out)

        Most of the good programmers are self taught, and I’ve heard quite often they started off learning through developing there own games.

        I’m familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP mostly cause of the web design work I do. If you’d ever like a crash course to get some of the fundamentals i’d love to help. Planing on working at Boomtown some time this week, maybe well run into each other again.

  1. The artwork is great, but the description you made with it makes it entirely awesome. It did feel like soul-talk (I’m not sure how to describe it) but that was an amazing dream you had both years ago and not too long ago. You must have quite THE imagination to dream of that stuff! :D

    Dusk World is a pretty interesting concept, so I would enjoy seeing more of it if there is more coming out. :)

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