Orval Krumm — March 3rd

Yesterday was my grandfather’s birthday. At dinner, he spoke to me about tornadoes. I have always associated Krumm with tornadoes, a subconscious influence by the Wizard of Oz. He is kin with both the tornado and the Wicked Witch of the West. I possess prenatal nostalgia for my grandparents, who remind me of antiquated Texas: trains, farmhouses, wagons, cowboys, pastures, tornadoes, and dust. Krumm is a shadow of Texas classicism and the Wizard of Oz plays right into that hand. I recall seeing it in a dark, red-carpeted theatre when I was very, very young. The tornado and the witch, like Dracula, Batman, and The Shadow were imprinted in my mind and over the years, brewed into my character. I painted this last night as I slipped into a dusky depression.

Happy birthday Bebaw Bill. This is for you:


Orval Krumm © Benjamin Walton 2016


3 thoughts on “Orval Krumm — March 3rd

  1. Yet another great piece of artwork of Orval Krumm! He is an interesting character reminding me of a mix of the hero in “Red Steel II,” and Aku from my favorite childhood cartoon years ago, “Samurai Jack.”
    For this piece of work when I read the description, it does have characteristics of tornadoes – Not just the background, but with the style of its haziness, making it seem like it came straight out of a twister… Plus it has some horror aspects.
    Well done!
    But I apologize that you did go into a depression. I can understand how that feels. :(

    1. I remember when Red Steel II came out — I thought, “DAMN, SOMEONE BEAT ME TO IT.” At the time, I was less familiar with Krumm, and he was particularly brown-coated. My particular interest in the merging of Western and Asian architecture was also a subject within the Red Steel universe, so maybe I share some complimentary concepts with the developers of that game.

      And yes, Aku. Krumm reminds me of many characters and while Aku is low on the list, he was part of my childhood and thus feeds into the form. In fact, looking at Aku now, I see it more than ever! The slender, black-dress form, the hooked shoulders, even Aku’s ears appear like the brim of Krumm’s hat. Must be a subconscious rendering. I’m very fond of the Samurai Jack art style and recall it impacting me positively in my youth. I remember thinking, “Cartoons don’t have to have outlines?”

      Glad you enjoy.

      1. I can understand people beating you to ideas. It happened to me, to. Getting fresh ideas these days is pretty bloody hard, and that’s not an understatement, either (Mainly). Bread goes hard if you leave it out on the table, and that’s hardly ever a good thing.

        And no problem. :) Just keep up the good work! :D

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